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Coffee / Mbuni Huller

This huller removes husks from coffee. The small huller can process approximately 200 - 250 Kgs/hr of mbuni or parchment depending on the quality of the coffee. Larger hullers which have higher capacities. 


  • The hulling system comprises of ribbed rotor mounted on bearings and rotating in a steel casing with a mesh screen.

  • The coffee is hulled by the rotating action of the rotor against an adjustable steel blade and abrasive action against the screen.

  • The coffee is fed into the hopper and the feed is controlled by a sliding door.

  • The husks are removed by the action of the blower fan through the rear chute.

  • The hulled coffee is moved along the barrel by the rotor and collected from the outlet chute.

  • The hulled coffee will have to be passed through the huller once or twice more to ensure that all the husk is removed

Units that have a higher capacity are also available from us.

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