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Toto Eco Pulper 1000 With Recirculation


  • It has an inbuilt water re-circulation system.

  • It has an inbuilt feature that ensures that no stones are allowed to enter the pulper.

  • The primary pulping unit is 1 disc type. A rigid type chop is fitted to cut down on maintenance. 

  • The pregrader comprises a twin chamber tank with a wet grading progressive sized sieve mounted on an epileptic bearing to ensure the separation of the firsts and seconds/lights. The firsts fall into the first's tank, the lights into the light's tank and the skins are discharged at the rear of the machine. The pregrader produces a first grade of well pulped and uniform size parchment free from skins which results in making the final washing easier.

  • Various models have capacities of between 1000- 5000Kgs/hr of coffee cherry.


  • Highly durable with low maintenance costs

  • Saves on water since it has an inbuilt water re-circulation system

  • Has a pregrader for carrying out initial grading of coffee beans

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